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Counterstrike Global Offensive Trailer!

2011-10-22 00:13:38 by Fthreat

I gotta hand it to Wei. He just does awesome stuff, and I love to voice act for him.

CS:GO Trailer


Counterstrike Global Offensive Trailer!

Just VA'd for a Newgrounds user for the first time in a year...

2010-10-23 18:30:19 by Fthreat

And I feel like doing this:

/* */
=D =D =D

Ai wish Ai could keep the Kevin Bacon Bacon Stats Badge

2010-04-01 13:17:23 by Fthreat

Better and more effective than any fist, brass knuckles, or weapon, guaranteed.

If I can let it be so.

Ai wish Ai could keep the Kevin Bacon Bacon Stats Badge

Comic-Con Report. One month later. Damn dialup.

2009-08-28 02:41:31 by Fthreat

Quite an amazing, exhausting, and one-of-a-kind time.

- Met some badass Newgrounders from all walks of life, some whose work I've been following since 2000. Quite awesome to meet you all, every one of you.

- Asked a question to the Venture Bros. guys that ended up on Adultswim's video website.
Crappy question asked with 7:50 left

- Was converted to zombiedom.
The bloody gray shirt in the middle

- MOST importantly, I got inspired to start up my Newgrounds hobby again.

I'm voice acting again.

Comic-Con Pictures

Bon soir, gentlemen. This is my first Newgrounds news post. And I use it to tell people (or no one) that my plane leaves tomorrow for San Diego Comic-Con 09.

All the cool kids on the block are doing it. They're posting their introductory news posts to the convention, so I shall as well.
I'm sure it will be great times. Many pictures galore [(probably posted on my twitter (fthreat)]. Many Newgrounds people everywhere.
I just hope I don't get trampled to death by the 100,000-strong stampede that is Comic-Con. God help us all.